I have been using Power Director 4 to produce videos to use in my Macromedia Director movies. However, some of the tools in that package caused too many problems so I had to return it for a refund.

Now I'm searching for something else to do the job. Although I would like to have chroma key and slow mo, they are not absolutely necessary. After all, Power Director didn't have them, either.

I have read a lot of reviews and it seems that both Pinnacle and Sony have a lot of problems - particularly Pinnacle. However, problems are all you ever really hear about, so they may be giving good service to a lot of folks out there that we haven't heard from. I'm willing to listen.

I capture digital video, cut and paste, add snapshots, add some titles and transitions, then render to MPEG since I use the MPEG Advance Extra for Macromedia Director.

Can someone recommend a video editing software package that seems to be stable and reliable? (is that an oxymoron?)