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Thread: order of video treatment in vegas.

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    Default order of video treatment in vegas.

    I thought it would be a good idea to see the order in which people work when coming to edit professional or semi professional footage, I say professional because I know there’s things you could get away with when editing a family video which just wouldn’t look good or be accepted on a broadcast level.
    By this I mean the workflow you practice when undertaking colour correction, an example would be first to state the type of project ‘i.e. music video/news cast then stating the order of work such as applying levels filter and tweaking to get better blacks then colour corrector to boost the highs and lows then colour curve to give an overall push etc, then adding letterbox and even if you use 3rd party plugs such as magic bullet editors’

    I think it would be good to see what practices other Vegas users use as I know there is debate to which order certain filters should be used when editing and I think a lot of people could gain from such a topic.

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    Firstly you have top remember that everyone has their own way of doing things. Some people have more efficient ways than others and sometimes you just do it that way cause your used to it and therefore for you it's quickest.

    What I do is probably very diffrent and very similar in many ways to other editors out there but I'll give it a go at explaining my process.

    Firstly I watch all the footage. Obvious yes but some people dont do this.
    I get an idea as to the pace and feel of the edit.
    Next I do a rough cut. In my rough cut I will start applying effects here and there where evever neccesary.
    Once I have a rough cut, which usually doesn't take too long I start the tweaking. This is the longest process for me. I go through clip by clip fine tuning the effects I've used to get the best picture possible.

    When it come to effects - well this varies from project to project. but the 3 that always are used are: brightness & Contrast, colour curves then colour correction. However! In my eyes all 3 of these come under the main process of colour correction anyway.

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    Second that on watching footage.

    I watch everything shot about 3 or 4 times making notes.

    Then I bung all the footage (as one big clip) on the t line (after d interlacing in v dub if needed), then I edit out the bits that are 'useable shots' to another track, then start carefully editing on another, this is usually quite close to the final edit but without any effects yet.

    Then I add effects, show off to lots of people after a render, get feedback, fiddle again, add titles.

    I take some time on the titles cos I think they add value to the video.

    Also when watching all the footage I am often thinking / trying different music if needed.

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    My workflow is this:

    Most of the footage I edit is stuff I have shot myself so I tend to get a feel for what is good or just ordinary during the shoot.

    I agree with both Marks, always watch the footage back completely during capture and again after, when editing multicam it is essential to make notes of good shots and angles during your footage because it's easy to forget about them when they might be hidden on a lower layer of the timeline. I also like to keep in mind shots for DVD menus and covers.

    Next rough cut, watch it back, add color match/correction as needed, watch it back again get a feel for pace and dialogue and choose any background music that maybe required. Then start tweaking, adding effects and transitions trying to cut on the beat of the music, dialogue or movement and direction of the speaker/talent.

    Video runs at about 1 1/2 times slower than real life so whenever possible I try and keep the cuts tight to try and keep the pace going.
    Canon, Edius, Final Cut Studio, Always Progressive, Promotional Video Production

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