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    I just finished editing a 2.5hr long video using elements and exported it to movie so i could use encore to make the dvd but when i started adding chapters i noticed a bunch of blue coloured digital flaws appearing at the top of the screen. I know it wasn't there before I exported it and don't know where or what this blue is. Can someone please help me I am baffled.

    The settings I used to export were:

    GENERAL - file type: microsoft avi
    checked 'export vdeo' and 'export audio'
    range: entire timeline
    embedding: none

    VIDEO - compressor: lagarith loseless codec
    colour depth: millions of colours
    frame rate: 29.97 fps
    pixel aspect ratio: D1\DV NTSC 0.9
    data rate: checked 'recompress' and maintain data rate

    KEYFRAME\RENDERING - bit depth: use project settings
    fields: lower field first
    checked 'optimize stills'

    AUDIO - uncompressed
    sample type: 16 bit
    channel: stereo
    interleave: 1\2 second

    I am using a trial version of ELEMENTS and only have 5 days left on it so I need to figure it out fast.
    Could it be the Lagarith codec - I wouldn't think so only because I used it to export the rolling credits I made with Premiere 6.0 with I have a full version of - prefered Elements which is why I used it for the rest of the editing - and the the blue digital stuff didn't appear then.
    But Hey what do I know I am new to editing, so please any advice you can offer.
    Oh and also after exporting - the movie is 89Gb, and there are hardly any effects just basic cuts. Is this rather large or I am just ignorant?
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    I'm not really familiar with the Lagarith Codec, so I'd suggest exporting it to another format such as DV, and see if it happens there.

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    Hey Mike Do you mean try microsoft dv avi instead of microsoft avi?

    I did try exporting it to mpeg and the blue was gone and it was only 6gb instead of 89gb, but there is a big ADOBE logo in the upper corner and also some of the background music crackles, but not all of it - only near the end.

    thanks, I'll give the dv a try and see what happens.
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    the dv avi solved it -everything works fine now

    thanks mike
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    Hello. Sorry to be rude but you say you want to put this onto DVD? Then 86 GB is not going to fit. You need to unlock the adobe encoder then export as MPG2 if yourplanning to go onto DVD.

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    ya it was 89.6gb when i used lagarith codec but once i used exported it to dv avi it was only 22gb and i get it onto dvd with encore - i used to discs

    However - I thought everything was working fine until I sat down to watch it more closely and realized that every once in a while the audio drops like 10db or so, lasting for a few seconds. I have re exported it 3 times and each time the problems persists but in different locations. And now the last three times I tried at 90% or so it stops and says error - I have done nothing differently - exactly the same settings.

    I am getting really frustrated - The damn audio is killing me.

    But to respond to your comment ya I thought 89GB was rather large - but I have solved that problem and moved onto to different problems. And don't worry your comment was not rude at all - I am glad to have someone else confirm what I had suspected.
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