I spent today already some hours trying to fix the following problem:
my wife is using Adobe Premiere since some years (right now Version 6.01) and I have lived through already some problems with this software.
Yesterday night she was fine-cutting a ca. 6 minute video with ca. 20 clips, 50+ still images and 30-40 sounds --> a semi-complex artist's video, though not too many transitions.
Our PC is well equipped with RAM, HDD, etc. and ca. 1 year old (can be excluded from being the cause, problem is repeatable on 2 notebooks).
She is used to some crashes during her work also when cutting this project it was not different this time.

Here comes the problem:
The current version of the file is "large" for a PPJ (50 000 lines or 670KB). When loading this file the total film length is correctly displayed, but all 3 video and 4 audio tracks are empty. The "Project" window displays a "bin" with all clips, but instead of proper clip names all names are changed to strange numbers such as 9800 or 264300. When I click on the timeline it seems that nothing is on it (but the yellow "work area" is still correctly 6 minutes long). I cannot drop a new clip to the project, it always ends up in the audio section, even if it is a video...

I suspected originally that the file-path "...\identitšt\" (german Umlaut) was causing this problem. Replacing this path in the PPJ file did not cure the problem.
I deleted the PREM60.PRF file - no result
I re-installed Premiere - no result
I moved the whole project to another computer - no (=same) result
I took the last 5 versions from the Archive folder - no (=same) result

Any hint from your side?

Thanx in advance,