Attempts to open a captured video file (.avi) on my PC causes windows to refresh the desktop and/or freeze up XP. An error box pops up pointing to a failure of windows exporer to open or respond.

After capturing video from my new Sony dsr-pd170, using Media Pro 8 Capture
program, I'm unable to open the captured file (.avi) in windows XP (sp2).

When I open the 'video folder' I see several previously captured files, and
the new one. Clicking on the new file to view it in one of several viewers,
results in a typical microsoft error message box. If I try to close the error
message box, windows quickly closes the 'video folder', refreshes the desktop and/or freezes XP, forcing me to re-boot the PC. If I delete the
questionable video file, I'm able to view any of the remaining video files
in the 'video folder' without a problem.

This has never occurred prior to using the new Sony camcorder. Not sure
if the problem is the DV source material or the Ulead capture process.

Interestingly, a friend who has a MAC tried the same video capture on
his G3 machine using iMovie (or some similar capture program). When he
tried to view the captured video, it also crashed his MAC--a very rare

Is it possible that the source data from the camcorder is corrupt?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


PC: Pentium 4 HT 2.8mhz, 2 gig ram, Radeon 9200.