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Thread: editing and removing noise from an avi

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    Default editing and removing noise from an avi

    I copied an old VCR tape I had to AVI and the video is fine but the audio really sucks. I need to increase the gain and reduce hiss and background noise which was originally on the VCR anyways. Does anyone know of good software to do this or a proceedure to follow ??

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    Download the demo of Adobe Audition. It will have what you want and you can run it for 30 days before it stops.

    There are other tools around that I'm sure are Audition's equal. However, I run adobe s/w and so that's what I know.

    I can point you at a video tutorial for noise removal if you want too.

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    What about Audacity? I can't remember if that's freeware or shareware. It may allow you to drop an AVI into it then again maybe not. If you have any video editing magazines that came with cover mounted DVD's it might be on one of them.

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