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Thread: Rotating video on the fly

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    Default Rotating video on the fly

    Hi there,

    I'm new to this forum and have a question.

    Is there a media player that can rotate and play an avi file at an arbitrary angle. Meaning you can tell it in the beginning to play test1.avi at 22 degrees. When the clip is done playing then you tell it to play the same test.avi at 75 degrees etc.
    I know I can rotate the clips at an arbitrary angle with virtualdub (or other video editors) before hand and then play it but I need to be able to specify an arbitrary angle and the media player play it without creating separate files for each degree before hand.
    A (non-exhaustive) web search revealed that there is one such software (Kinoma player 3 EX) at least for Palm OS. I wonder if there is one for Windows, Mac or *nix.
    If such player is not available, is it possible to rotate any media player window in Windows (or Mac) at an arbitrary angle using some third party software or with some script. I couldn't find any.
    This is for a research in a school and any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I havent seen anything liek that.

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    I don't know whether such a player exists but from a technical point of view this is a quite solvable task.

    A couple years ago one of my colleagues sowed me an appropriate DirectShow filter. I suppose that programmer to be familar with directshow can build the player based on the mentioned filter without problems.

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    darkman! could you please elaborate on the DirectShow filter. Do you have any other information about it?


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    Hi TwixtedLogic,

    I have asked my collegue and unfortunately he hasn't remembered the name of that filter... But after two minutes googling I found MontiVision MV Resized Rotation filter.

    I'm sure that's not the one.

    Also such a filter (but not DirectShow) has VirtualDub (but you mentioned it by yourself). Neverless the player can be built based on this filter too.

    Furthermore it is noted that Video Edit Magic v4.15 has rotation feature


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