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    Talking Computer Mic... ummm...

    Where on earth do I find a quality computer mic? This is for my movies. I record the voices on the mic and I need a grade A mic to have it sounding perfect!

    Any of you pro's know where I could pick one up?

    I am using this M-40 TELEX mic right now, its plugged into the Mic jack. And it doesnt do JACK... Then again, it says, "Unable to activate audio drivers" every time I start my comp... dont know how to fix that...

    But where could I find a good mic at that just plugs into my comp?
    Is there ones that plug into usb drives?

    THANKS in advance!

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    Do you want a mic for voice work or capturing on-camera actors. Mics are a very difficult area since the use dictates the tyoe of mic and a good mic for one type of work rarily works for another. Studio mics are made to work up close to capture all of the nuances of a voice up close. A soundstage mic is made for capturing voices far away and make them sound as full as possdible from a distance. Good mics are also very expensive. One of my lines of work is a brodcast engineer and mics for our studio run $500. U.S. Are you ready to pay that kind of money? Below are some to get yu started. Most any mic will plug into a computer with the right adapter.

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    Hey! Thanks for the reply...

    While I am willing to dish out some money for good quality, I am not that willing to do it over 100 bucks.

    I purchased this:

    ITS good enough for what I am doing I guess...
    It plugs into USB and it works! But not with Adobe... I am having problems getting it to work. Works with everything else on my computer... I am not to sure how to work with Microphones on Adobe Premier..

    Any suggestions anyone?

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    Hello there. I would look at the sure mic range. Then buy one of theese To connect to your computer.otherwise just buy a cheap mic from argos. Will sound better than most computer based mics.

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    The type of room where you do the recordings will also have an effect on the finished sound. Are the walls hard and bare or are they covered or can they be covered with 'soft furnishings' to absorb the sound rather than reflect it back again. What about the floor covering is it wood or carpet or something else? I saw an article in a magazine a few months ago about settting up your own recording studio and they had pictures of a guy in a wardrobe with the microphone. The wardrobe had a mattress stuffed into the back of it and this is supposed to give very good results (no laughing at the back please). Another one was making a fort on the floor using a few chairs again with the mattress and duvets lying on top and on the sides and yes you've guessed it Mister wardrobe man was under the fort doing his Hamlet speech into the microphone.

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