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    Hi Guy's and girl's. I'm a newbie here so pls bear with me.
    Video cam Sony DCR-HC90E pal
    Software Cyberlink Power Director 4
    I-link to fire wire
    Htt 3 GHz, 160 gig, 1 gig ram ,Blaster Audigy 2, 6600 gt Graps,

    When the programme was first installed the burning was clear as a bell, I could burn DVD's clear a crystal. Then suddenly The DVDís became a little bit out of focus and white's dot's started to appear on movement. At the time I Had about 80 gig of video stored on C: So I deleted it :( but the problem still happen. Sometime's it's not a bad as other time's but its bad enough to ruin the end result. Another thing is when I make a copy of a home DVD that has been affected it cleans the with dots up some what on the new copy?
    I have tried Nero 3 and this problem has not occurred. It just power director 4. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it too many time's to count and ive gone out and got me another burner still happens. Iíve emailed cyber link ive talked to the shop's in town really im at a lost of what to do. After read some thread's im thinking could it be my hard driver running out of steam?
    Sorry if i posted this 2x
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