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Thread: gps - nav4all?

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    Hey guys... probably not the best place to put my question but I am kind of new to the whole "forum" thing and i thought you could help me
    I am looking for a gps navigation software for my mobile phone and i found a company on the internet called nav4all. The thing is that some friends of mine are already using another company called tomtom, but for which you have to pay, which is not very possible for me..
    i want to ask if anyone has used the software of nav4all before and if it safe, before i install it on my phone. could i also get a virus lke that?
    i will be thankful for any opinions, thanks

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    Err, yes, cant help, sorry, this forum is all aobut film making.

    Try the technology section of urban 75 .

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    I used this softawe couple of months ago ,as i needed something cheep (in this case it was free )for a trip to Europe.. I downloaded it and it worked ok ,i think there is no problem with its safetiness... But i was not very satisfied with its features and especially the detailness of the maps ..If you need it for highways and main roads it is ok ,but for rural areas ..Hmmm ,better buy TomTom..

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    I personally found TomTom pretty useless, the best I've found is from Falk, which is T'riffic for those in Europe.

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    yeah, i actually got the software and works just fine for now it is true that the maps are not very detailed but the program works very fast and downloads maps from the internet real-time... i hope they'll improve the graphics after the software gets paid..

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    I am using nav4all now for two months and it works very well. It was easy to install it, just followed the steps from their website. you can try it for free till august, I recommend everybody to just try it then you can decide for yourself whether it is nice or not.

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    hmm ..true-the graphics needs some sort of improvement.2d is not that bad in the end ,especially if u have good voice commands, which is the case, but still if the want to remain competitive and keep the interest they have to improve the quality..But how much exactly will we have to pay after it gets paid?

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    I heard something like 1 euro subscription fee per month.. which is ridiculously cheap.. still have to confirm that.
    Does nav4all have a voice command? How do you activate that?


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