Hi all,

Before i went widescreen I used to firewire my footage into my P.C, edit through Premiere 6 then Audio/video it back through my TRV950 to my little 14" portable to check the finished product. This was because the little preview screen from prem6 in my old monitor (1280 by 76 was to small for good clarification.

So now i've purchased a Belinea 102035w (1600 by 1050) so I can drag the preview screen across enlarge it and check my rendered footage in a better resolution and in glorious widescreen. It even says its great for video editing.

Now the probs start. Firstly the colours are far to vivid and over saturated. and the fast pans have artifacts or pixelate. I've tried re-calibrating the monitor but to no evale. I took some rendered footage to a friend to play it on his Toshiba 28" widescreen and it was fine.

The new monitor has no Fireire input or S-video only D-sub and DVI-I and usb ports. So I cannot go back to the old way.

My graphics card is NVIDIA g-force 4 ti. and I'm running this on a Athlon 2200+ processor. My camera is a Sony HDV A1E and the footage is on DVCAM mode.

Should I have just bought a 16:9 T.V monitor with a scart lead or is there a way of using my new TFT monitor.

Please help

Dean B