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Thread: hard disc full due to studio 9!

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    Default hard disc full due to studio 9!

    Hi - another new starter to all this home video editing lark. I have loaded a bunch of unedited footage onto my laptop, have edited it and now want to add more footage to the same film. BUT! My laptop hard drive is full so can't do this. Have been through the manual but can't see how you can delete scenes you don't want to free up space. Anyone know how to do this? Sorry for asking what I'm sure is a really basic question! I'm a halfwit!

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    Unfortunately, you can't edit scenes out directly from your captured file.

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    thanks v much for your reply. Another question (sorry for the basic explanation - don't know the right terms!) : If I finished the edit of the footage I've got so far (with fades, soundtrack etc), then put it onto a disc and deleted all the raw stuff which is clogging up my hard drive, then loaded the edit from dvd back on to studio 9 with the new footage and add them together onto one - is that a) possible and b) the best way to do it??

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    It is possible but that would waste a lot of quality.
    It's best to stick to the DV AVI format. If you really have to, render your movie (so far) as DV AVI and delete the rest.

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    Great - thanks so much for your advice - otis

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    What has happened to you as far as space is concerned is a good reason to cut up your raw footage into scenes or as small pieces as possible. That way if you don't use a clip in a project, that clip can be deleted and not fill up a hard drive. By capturing long clips you cannot get rid of the unused footage.

    As far as taking the finished project and putting it on a dvd, you can do this but not as a mpeg2 file. Just take your finished file and put it on the DVD as a DV avi file. That works as long as it's not longer than 20 minutes or so. If it's longer use a file splicing program or 'Winrar' to cut it up and then it can be put back together later when you need it. This way of doing it will retain your DV quality.
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