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    OK this is a bit of a long shot but here it goes.....

    I've got a new PC with DVD burner drive. I also bought some DVD+RW disks.

    I have used one of my DVD to copy loads of files from my new PC and i want to transfer them to my old PC.

    Unfortunately my old PC CD-ROM and DVD drive cannot read the DVD+RW disk. I have checked the DVD+RW in my new PC and it works no problem.

    My question is I need to put any special software in my old P.C for it to be able to read my DVD+RW's?? Or do you think that my old P.C is just TOO OLD? My old P.C is a P3 450mhz with a 2x24 CDROM drive and DVD drive.

    Cheers and i hope this waffle makes some sence to somebody!!.


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    Looks like the DVD ROM drive on the old PC can't handle DVD+RW media.

    If it is essential that you get the films on to the old PC, then you could try swapping (temporarily) the new DVD+RW drive from the new PC to the old one.

    Good luck.

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    yeah, it's not a software problem, you just need to either burn the data to another disc (does your drive do minus as well as plus? how about plain r, not rw?) and try that, or fire in another dvd reader. only 20, but do you want to spend 20 on an old pc?

    also, for 20 quid you can buy two network cards and a pile of cable...

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