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    Is there any software that will allow me to create a meteor come smashing into the ground? I would like this for one of my movies. Thanks

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    you could start with after effects but this kind of effect, to do it well, would require a few diffrrent bits of software to make it look realistic and good!

    Probbly 3d software aswell

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    Do you know of the other software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by homers
    Do you know of the other software?
    It's not going to be easy - you're gonna have to have some experience in doing this kinda thing before you try to do it.

    I don't really know that much about 3D software though.

    You might actually be best seeing if you can get some royalty free video footage from somewhere else rather than trying to do it yourself. As for where you'd get it from though, I don't know, sorry.

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    Do it cheesy. Make a model town, set fire to it, and throw burning rocks at it.

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    Perhaps worth looking at Particle Illusion - Link here

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