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Thread: Best way to create DVD from Adobe pre 6.0

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    Default Best way to create DVD from Adobe pre 6.0

    Hi all

    I have created a 1.97 GB AVI within Adobe Premiere 6.0 ….titles, music etc.

    I would really like to burn this onto a DVD so I can player it on my DVD player or send to people to watch.

    I am just trying to understand the best way to do this, as I really want to retain the quality digital video gives.

    I have tried programmes such as tmpgenc to create an mpg then use the tmpgenc DVD author to files which will burn as DVD VoB files etc. However when I do all this quality if effected and the sound broke up !!!

    I am now looking at use the Adobe export option to export as mpg. I have done this as follows

    Save to web / Setting / MPG / 2 X CDROM / PAL 352 X 288

    The 1.97 GB file was compressed to 43 MB with a file extension of MPEG 1 layer 2 and again quality was effected.

    Question is……………. How can I retain maximum file size to hopefully retain maximum quality I am going about this in the right way I would really welcome any help or suggestions.

    Thank you for your time….and kind regards


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    The best way to do this from Premiere 6.0 would be to frameserve to TMPGenc. Failing that, output to DV-AVI, then use TMPGenc to convert to DVD compliant MPEG2.

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    Default adobe premiere

    Marc, Could you explain this i greater detail. or give a ling to a tutorial?

    Thanks Carl

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    Old, but should give u the basics:

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