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    Default Biking DVD Preview...

    That actual movie is high quality and I tried burning it to a DVD and it feels like you are there when watching it. This is just a low quality preview so you can get the idea and still download it fast.

    Comments appreciated/wanted.


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    On my comp the video was so pixilated it cound not be watched, the sound came though ok though.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    That's strange. I ahve shown this video to many people and you are the first to say this...

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    that's looking good - needs some colour corretion to make it more vivid!

    That last jump was ace - reminds me of the trails i used to work on - those darn kids kept on ruining them!

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    Sweet, I always like biking stuff. That's a definite improvement, and I liked alot of the shots. I agree with irishmark about the colour thing. Two other things; try and maybe get some close angle shots of the rider, maybe even doing up his helmet or something, and second is use a tripod. There was just a couple shots were I saw some shake that would've been better without it. Good improvement keep it up. And yeah, there's a big problem here too with kids ruining the trails, and then no one really wants to big trails that are just gunna get wrecked, so big anti-biking circle goin on.


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    Heres one I made in Windows Movie Maker a month or two ago.
    Looking to get more into editing and dont mean to hijack the thread but was wondering if you guys thought it was a good start.
    Quality on Youtube is horrible obviously but just pretend it about 4376 times higher res haha.
    Click to Watch

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    It is a well known fact that pointing at camera at cyclists and old people causes falling over, admirably demonstrated here.

    Needs a bit more variety. Bung in some more jazzy editing maybe to liven things up a bit, to go with the up beat tune.

    Short clips of the cyclists talking to camera maybe too. Get some gaffa tape and stick the camera to the bikes for a bit of on trail action ? Risky for the camera but can give good video.

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    I've got a helmet camera so a few helmet camera shots would look pretty cool...

    Thanks for all the tips guys. Keep them coming.

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