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    Default Slow motion ???

    Hi I know how to put the video in slow motion, but I wanted the audio to be in slow motion also, I dont know how :( Ive been searching around on these forums but havent found the answer, I hope someone can help. I am using vegas 6.0 and wish to make the audio slow motion or just in synch with the video, thx!

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    Just lock/link the video and audeo track

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    i would also like to know something simliar, how can i play the video at an increased rate, i know that there is a bar which u can watch it at an increased rate but i want the final video 2 play double speed,

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    w8 i have found out for u, click on the clip and then shift click the audio as well then hold ctrl and drag it 2 the speed u want

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    Or just enable "automation settings" and you'll get a line down the center of your video/audio track, then just create points and lower/rise them to speed up/slow down the video/audio track at the interval betwen 2 points.... understood anything?/use the other person's directions (lol how many slashes do i have in this post?)

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    Neur0n I tried the thing, about slowing down or increasing the speed of the video with activating the "automation settings", but all I have is a line to change the fade. Is there a special shortcut to add such points? or a setting to show the line wich changes the speed instead of the fade?

    sry for my bad english -.-

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    I beleive that just holding Ctrl and dragging the end of the clip left or right will do the same effect that you guys are all talking about.

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