Hi everyone,

I have a newbie question. How can I make Adobe Premiere 6 capture in stereo mode when audio has only been recorded to one channel (channels were swapped during recording).

I'm capturing a heap of DV footage. In some of the footage, the audio was recorded to a different channel. Therefore, Adobe Premiere is not capturing the audio on the alternate channel. The audio is there - I can hear it on the camera - but I can't seem to get Premiere 6 to recognise or pick up the alternate channel.

In my audio settings for capturing I have made sure it is set to stereo, but I assume that because audio has only been recorded to one channel throughout the footage (even though that channel alternates), Premiere immediately changes to mono (the captured clips are listed as mono).

I've been told that this is a known problem with Adobe Premiere 6. Can anyone help?

Many thanks