ok well i have 2 questions both regarding the quality of video in vegas 6. The first is regarding widescreen, im shooting with a sony vx2100 so for obvious reasons im not going to record with the cameras false 16:9 option and i instead add the black bars from the crop option in vegas (from the menu that has the widescreen setting onhand). Now ive been told that by doing this and infact anytime u letterbox your 4:3 footage in post it somehow affects the quality of your final video output. Now i know im no genius however i cant helped but feel this person is mistaken as i really cant see how your video will lose resolution in post for adding black bars to the top and bottom. The only thing i can think is their is more than one way of doing this which i havent covered, for example stretching the video to a true 16:9 aspect instead of just letterboxing (is there more than 1 way to achieve widescreen in post?).

The second question is why do i see a visable loss of quality when i reposition my footage when letterboxing. Let me try and explain this a little better...after shooting my footage in 4:3 and bringin it in to vegas, i go ahead and letterbox the footage to achieve the widescreen effect but of course some re-positioning of the footage is needed as sometimes for example a persons head will be partly chopped off by the letterboxing so i move it down to get it to sit nicely between the bars, but when i do this i see a blatenet loss in quality. Anyone else ever experince this?

Oh i just remembered i wanted to know 1 last thing (i know i said 2 questions but you know how it is once you start lol), ok well its regarding widescreen again, i'm shooting a music video for a local group and it will be played on a local station and i would like the video to be converted to widescreen in post. What i basically need to know is whats the best way to go about this, because i want the video when played back to look as nice as possible meaning when its shown on a 4:3 tv it shows the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen and when the video is viewed on a true widescreen tv it is displayed in porportion instead of being cropped at the sides which ive heard may happen. any advice would be much appreciated, thank you.