hi guys!

im new round here, so be nice!

i just wanted a bit of advice really. i got myself a 7900gt because it had VIVO on it. i cant seems to figure out how the heel it works, ive installed the video drivers, but virtual dub cant see it.

im trying to back up my dad fieldgun tapes of him doing filed gun when he was my age (17) as he would like them to stay around, and i tought a DVD would be an excellent place to put them.

so if anyone could shed some light on how i can use VIVO (what hardwareother than the card, and the software) or if i need to get a seperate card to take video and sound in at the same time.

i dont want to spend lots on the card if i have to buy a new one, but i would like to get it sorted.

thankyou very much for any help in advance