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    Ok i have done my first wedding and it came to the night do and they turned of most of the lights, so the church footage looks pretty crisp but the night do stuff looks all grainy.

    I am using PP1.5 and AE 6.5 Pro, is there anything that will make this better. I used 2 canon mv850i's for the camera work.

    Looking to buy another(Better) camcorder, if you have any sugestions feel free to offer them. But my budget is pretty low, around £1000/1500 euros
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    In order to get rid of the visible grain you will have to apply combinations of some de-noise type filters and/or blurs. However, this will have a softening effect to your footage and you will likely lose definition.

    You can try the above and then take that footage and place it over the top of the original and lower the opacity. I've heard this can help but have no first hand evidence of it as yet.

    Of course, even if that works you still have to try and bring life to the dark video. Have a play with brightness and constrast as well.

    As is the case with this typer of problem though. You can get 'better'. however, the chances of bringing to the level where it was shot with proper lighting is negligible.

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    You may get away with a soft focus/dreamy look for a wedding, but try to keep it so only the skin is soft and blurry but don't go so far that detail areas like eyes look too blurry.

    Try the shadow and highlight filter, but untick auto and use the manual slider to get the result you want as this filter will add more noise as well as more detail.
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