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Thread: Opinions on Canon ZR70 Mc

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    Anyone have an opinion on the Canon ZR70 Mc? I have an opprotunity to buy one from a friend. It has only been used once, but she decided that she really has no use for a video cam. She offered it to me for $275.00. Pros/cons would be appreciated. I am video taping some school functions and am booked to do two weddings later in the year.
    Also any tips for taping in "candle light" without being too intrusive would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance I love the site.
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    I don't want to put you off buying a video camera, but my advice is I would never buy anything off a friend or family member. Because the minute it starts to act strange or not work at all, then 99 times out of a hundred you can kiss your friendship goodbye. At least when you buy something in a shop you have some recourse (an example is my long running battle with a local computer store that sold me a faulty HP computer - I demanded my money back from the shop - they refused so I was finally forced to go to a solicitor and now a court date is approaching).

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    I understand and appreciate the advice, but I've already decided to eat the mistake in a case such as that. I was mainly wanting to know if anyone has used this particular model and their likes and dislikes of it. (By the way some of your other threads have also been very helpful, thanks.)

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