I'm a long time News Anchor/reporter/photographer/editor who recently made a new resume tape at a production house in Atlanta, GA. The program used by the editor was Pinnacle 5. The guy doing the editing did a great job, but the finished product was very disapointing.
It was dubbed down to Beta SP and VHS and does not look good. The colors are washed out, my face is hot throughout the tape and many of the whites like my collar are flat out smoking. It has the look of a vhs tape that's been dubbed over five or six times.
I told the editor what I thought, but he just turned down the levels in a few places. Of course that didn't help one bit. This is a far cry from the last resume tape I edited non-linear. I used a program called Vortex. When the server wasn't going down..it put out amazing colors..rich and vibrant. The same clips on the Pinnacle aren't the same.
I spent a lot of money at that production house. My question is this
1. Did this happen because Pinnacle 5 is outdated..or for other reasons?
2. What system should I be looking for the next time I get my tape edited at an Atlanta production house or anywhere else for that matter.
Your help is greatly appreciated.