I made a video for my gf's cheer squad. It's mostly a glorified slideshow with 10 small video clips, and audio for the whole thing. When I got it all put together into one clip, its about 80 mins long (4.07 gig when dropped into Sonic MyDVD) I burned it, and it's horrible. It only plays sometimes, and when it does it is choppy and skips like crazy, what should I do? I'm burning with my laptop burner (HP dv5000 laptop) on to dupsonic DVDs. I've tried it at 8x, and 4x, and same thing. The last one I burned wouldn't even get picked up by the DVD player, or my laptop drive. It's extremely frustrating and I have to fix it because her other "squad members" want to buy one. Please give me suggestions! Thanks for any help.