I have done a few slide shows in Photo Story and get a good quality .WMV file for playback

I then tried to take those .WMV files into Windows Movie Maker and ULEAD VS7 - -but when they are rendered into a final format the quality drops in full screen mood - -everything becomes pixelated in both and in LEAD the image size is 1/3 of what I expect. :twisted:

Also, when I went to render the new project in ULEAD it took several hours ( For less thtan 15 minutes worth of .WMV clips) - that doesn't seem right either.

I thought about putting the photo stills right into the Video Editors themselves - but Photo Story has great pan/zoom features for each still that the other Video Editors do not have

Any suggestions?????

I am quite new at all this and ANY HELP would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!