My friends, I am proud to announce to you all that several friends and I have launched a site we are calling As a group of aspiring editors and directors we were unsatisfied with the options for putting our works online, so we created our own.

Our site, allows anyone to host any content, of any length, online completely free of charge. While not the 1st site to offer this, we add a lot of cool features that no one else offers. These include a fully featured Myspace like personal profile, an intuitive flash player to play your content, a bunch of social sorting mechanisms to help sort all the content, and quite a few impressive location aware features.

In addition, in the next few weeks, we will be able to add an: IMDB like credit system, user created playlists, and user submitted tags.

We donít only want to be a vast repository for content, we also want to be a community of filmmakers. To this effect we allow everyone to list there skills and equipment, then search for people in there area with whatever skills/equipment that are desired.

Please give me as much feedback good and bad as to what you think about the site, and how we can make it better. Either in this thread, or as an email to the address . Check it out, watch whatís already there, sign up, and submit all of your content (all completely free of course !!).

Thanks guys