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    We're about to start shooting our short film very soon and wondered what your thoughts are on the image we are getting from our Sony Camcorder.

    We have fiddled with the colours but what do you think overall? The film is for a Digital Film Festival on the net so we're not worried about definition for large screen viewing.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. You can see more pics on our website

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    Hi Chris

    The most obvious thing that I can see is the shadows and black levels are too dark. I can't see any detail on the guy's clothes but then again that might be my monitor or the lighting conditions I'm working under. What model of Sony camcorder are you using?, someone else might have a similar model and be able to suggest some changes you can make to the controls.

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    I’d say there’s a slight yellow cast as well. Doesn’t do the grass any harm, but skin tones should be tweaked, especially if he appears a lot in subsequent scenes. Increase blue mid-tones + highlights by a smidge.

    To lift the shadows on the coat, I’d use a levels adjustment – up the brightness slightly so that detail appears, then heighten the contrast by a third of that amount.

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    Good pointers folks, cheers I'll give it a go. Thanks for the input.

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