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Thread: Vegas 6 Problems - Won't Play ANY Videos

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    Smile Vegas 6 Problems - Won't Play ANY Videos

    When I import the video (Window Media Video 9) and click on the PLAY button I get the following ERROR message: "The playback device does not support the current output format. The playback device does not exist."
    Even though I can click on any portion of the video and see what frame it is in, it won't play the Video. All of the other options appear to work w/in Movie Studio 6.0. It just won't play ANY (.avi or .wmv) videos.

    I have the latest version of Window Media Player (V10). I just bought my computer three mo. ago and all the applications/programs work properly. Also, the video (.wmv) I try play in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6.0, plays in all my other applications (i.e. WM Player, Real Player, QuickTime Player) and plays in other movie editing programs (i.e. MPEG4 Direct Maker, Windows Movie Maker, Ulead VideoStudio10).

    Again, I can see my video in the Movie Studio window and I can click any frame and any spot throughought the video in the TIMELINE/LIBRARY section and see it in the preview just wont PLAY when I click the PLAY button/icon. It seems to be an error within this program.

    *I have tried the "K Lite Mega Codec" Package and it is installed properly but has not resolved the issue w/Vegas.

    Windows Version: XP Service Pack 2
    RAM: 1GB
    Processor Speed: 3700+ AMD Athlon 64
    Computer ID: 3G1PS8D-R1
    Sound Card: Realtek AC'97 Audio
    CD Burner HP DVD Writer 740b (ver. 5.1.2535.0)
    Video Card: ATI RADEON EXPRESS 200 Series
    Editing Skill Level: Made Several Successful Projects
    Tech Skill Level: Mid-Level
    Product: Vegas
    Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 6.0a (Build 85) Free Trial

    Also, here is a screen shot of what is going on. The error message comes up when I click the PLAY button/icon. You can see the video is in the program:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Angry ???

    Posted 5/3/06:
    So this thread has been in for a week and close to 60 ppl have looked at it and nobody has any suggestions? Nobody has had this happen to them or has heard of this happening to someone else? I have a brand new computer, Sony Vegas is supposed to be the "bomb" and all I'm trying to do is hit the play button but it won't play the inserted .wmv (Windows Media 9) clip!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NateDawgz
    Posted 5/3/06:
    I'm absolutely sure if anyone had anything constructive to offer you, they would Nate. No point being mad, this is a very helpful forum, so some patience is required I'm afraid.

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    On my PC if I have win media p open then I get that message. Shut all other players befor opening vegas and all may be well.

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    Smile Finally!!!

    After 2 weeks of email correspondence with Sony Vegas Tech Support, Vegas 6.0 finally works!!!
    It was the sound playback settings that was preventing it from playing any videos.

    If anyone else has this happen to them, here is the fix:
    Have Vegas open and go to the top under OPTIONS/PREFERENCES/AUDIO DEVICE (tab)/AUDIO DEVICE TYPE: (drop down window) switch from Microsoft Sound Mapper to Windows Classic Wave Driver.
    Viola!!! That is all it took to make it playback the videos.

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    Glad you got it sorted and thanks for posting the soloution.

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