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    Default Problem with burned DVD

    Created a movie using captured video from my camcorder and added some still pictures with a few transitions. I used the "create a disc" option to burn directly to dvd (using +R media - Memorex).
    The movie rendered and then successfully burned to DVD - or so it seemed. (I reviewed the movie I rendered/burned before I burned the disc-and it was perfect) When I played the DVD in my tv DVD player it starts fine and goes thru about 45 seconds - and then just HANGS. The background music continues - but it just hangs on one picture.

    Can anyone tell me why this might be happening? I've wasted more DVD's with this software than I care to mention. :-(

    I have a P4, 3.2 mz, 250 gig, 512mb ram with HT techology pc.
    And there are absolutely NO applications running in the background.
    P.S. I should add that I have successfully burned this project onto a DVD before - but now I'm having the problem mentioned above. I deleted all the auxillary files and completed started over... no luck. I defragged the hard drive as well.

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    un-installed P9 and ew-installed P8. Was able to use the AVI files I produced in P9 and made a flawless DVD. WHatever the problem is it's w/P9. I'm sure they're working on it! You will have to re-do your DVD menue but you can save some of the new P9 stuff like menu bottons B4 you un-install.

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