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    Default No Sound...

    Ugh, I got everything working.

    But now as I edit, there is no sound.

    When it renders it has sound, but I cannot preview it. IE, playing the timeline and listening to it.

    What did I accidently hit?

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    This problem comes up regularly. Never having suffered it I can't remember the exact solution. Searchg through the forums. You'll find it. Something in the preferences I think.

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    Default No sound

    Do you have an extenal monitor? If speakers are plugged into the computer then go to the PROJECT MENU > PROJECT SETTINGS THEN CLICK ON PLAYBACK SETTINGS. You now need to click PLAY AUDIO ON AUDIO HARDWARE.

    hope Iv'e answered the right question
    Many Thanks

    Johnny H

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    Bah, still doesn't work.

    I have Adobe Premier pro 2.0

    I have a problem with my Audio drivers, I had to roll them back. But everything else is fine with audio, only when I am editing I cannot hear anything.

    I need this to work, I have something I need to have finished soon!

    Thanks for the help so far! =D

    *Heheheh! I just figured it out!

    I went to Edit Prefrences > audio > and changed it from what ever it was at to my SBLive card.


    Thanks all!
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