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    I have read a couple places that it is not how much ram you have but how it is configured. I am new to computers and editing - but very interested - and was wondering if someone could elaborate in laymans terms so i may understand this concept.

    Also-When I am burning a dvd my computer seems to slow down a lot, is this due to the RAM - should i get more - or is it to do with something else like the dvd burner or the processor.

    I plan to do quite a bit of editing - right now i am editng a 2.5hr long video and would like to uprgrade my computer to get the best performance i can out of it.

    Right now the specs for my computer are:

    200gb ata hard drive (80gb left right now)
    1gb ram
    amd athlon 64 processor 3500+ 2.2ghz
    ati radeon xpress 200 video
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    Your pc looks fine.

    Not sure about the ram thing. Some ram can be configured as dual channel, you get a 15 to 20% speed increase, other than that I have never heard of configuring ram, but I aint really a teccy.

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    how would i go about setting it up as dual channel? If you could give me a basic place to start I am sure I could figure it out.
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