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Thread: Ahhh!!!! It Keeps Freezing!

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    Default Ahhh!!!! It Keeps Freezing!

    I have to render my film by tonight for a submission deadline for my school's film fest and Adobe Premiere won't render my damn film!
    Im running AP 1.5

    I've rendered before but for some reason AP keeps stoping at ~5853 frames!

    I tried using different codecs and I still have the same problem.

    I cleared out all of the broken links to files in my project folder. Im didn't apply any filters... So why isnt it rendering?!

    Any suggestions?

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    what error are you getting? What type of project is it? How did you acquire your footage? download or capture? What capture settings and format? How much HDD space is left and when did you last defrag it properly? etc etc

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    The amount of times I'm seeing people with this problem is incredible. I always seem to have it and until I fiddle with the footage at the particular point it's freezing it never renders.

    Locate the frame that's causing the problem on your timeline and then try scaling the piece of footage that runs across that frame to 101%.

    I did that on my last render that froze and it worked a treat.

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    I agree with above, this problem happens a lot (too much), for me it tends to happen during dissolve trans and adjusting the dissolve just 1 frame fixes it.
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