I recently got a program that allow me to record me while playing some games. I did some search on google to get a progam to compress it to smaller file size (VirtualDub from 450meg to 11meg!).

Now my problem is, i would like to be able to add some text on the video. Some friends told me to try virtualdub, adobe premiere pro and windows movie maker.

I would like to see the movie going and see some white text displaying some info on whats going on.

ie: My video start as i duel one of my friend. I would like to display some infos like out character name, class and level.

With Windows Movie Maker, I've been able to add the title (pretty easy) but didnt see anything to allow me to do what i would like to do.

Thx for answering or pointing on some tutoriel that could tell me how to do that