I've just bought an Adaptec Videoh! USB video capture device. This shops with Sonic MyDVD.

I have used MyDVD to capture from my VHS player and create mpg files. I then use these files in TMPGEnc DVD Author to author the DVD as I prefer the chapter cutting and menu authoring in that package.

I'm capturing in MyDVD usng the best quality setting (the lower quality settings gave me a lot of drop-outs). A 50 minute capture is creating an mpg file of about 2.8 gb. I want to go on to capturing some longer videos, but the file size created by MyDVD means I wouldn't get an hour and a half on one DVD.

Is there a better software I could use for the capture, or maybe a way of re-encoding the mpg files that would give me some a better compression rate?

I tried using TMPGEnc to re-encode, but it says the file format is not supported - I suppose because it is already in an mp2 format?

Thanks in advance.