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Thread: Photoshop compatible with vegas?

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    Exclamation Photoshop compatible with vegas?

    I just bought sony vegas movie studio plus dvd platinum and Im wanting to add special effects similar to what this guy did. Can anyone tell me if I can use photoshop and vegas together? Ive searched everywhere and noone will help me and i cant find any information confirming it will or wont work. If it wont can someone suggest an alternative that IS compatible. Thanks.

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    Default looks cool!! I would like to know the answer to this also.


    ok you started this post so I gonna SPAM IT!

    How was the zoom effect created any ideas? I tryed around with vegas and photoshop couldnt quite pull it off!

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    Oh god, what a terrible video !

    Any way, that zoom thing at the start.... Duplicate the video track. Stop motion on both using velocity envalope, cut out the girl using the mask tool, zoom in to it, her track only, that should do it. Add effects to taste.

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    Thanks for the great response
    I have a question I have the girl cut out and saved as a transparent made with photoshop.
    Back to vegas i have the video on the bottom and the transparent (GIF) girl on the top track but what for a zoom effect would be best?
    Pan & Crop is too much of a jump and frame by frame with Pan & Crop!!cant be the correct way..What transition would you recommend please.

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    how do you stop the motion with the volocity envolope? i inserted the volocity envolope and cant figure out how ot stop the movement

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    Default placing keyframes on the timeline

    I have done it!
    The effect I was after was created by marking the timeline and placing keyframes.
    I found this helpfull.

    Thx All

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    anyone feel like answerming MY question?

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    thanks. any idea how to make that kind of video

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genfuyung
    anyone feel like answerming MY question?
    Well like I said
    I gonna SPAM you
    no hard feelings eh
    It all comes down to those video effects,they problably created with Adobe After Effects which by the way is compatable with Las Vegas
    sorry! SONY VEGAS

    By the way did I ever tell you that I am compatable with Vegas

    Mark The Compatable

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