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Thread: beeping noise in Pinnacle 9

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    Exclamation beeping noise in Pinnacle 9

    when I capture vidio and try to edit it in Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 my vidio and audio are captured correctly, but when i edit there is an isessant beeping noise over my audio which remainis constant even when i put the audio levels way down for a clip. Help! I have a vidio project due on Tuesday and this could make or break it!

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    I think it's because you're using LOCKED effects/transitions which add a watermark to the picture and/or a noise. Are you sure that is 9+ you're working with? And are you sure you purchased all the plug-ins and effects that your production needs?

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    I am in fact using Pinnacle Studio Media Suite which includes Pinnacle Studio Plus version 9. and how would I go about removing this watter mark if that is what is doing thisto my video?

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    oh, and I am not using any effects or transitions at all... this is in the initial stages of my editing.

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    Do you have watermarks in your video?
    Because if so, the Media Suite content hasn't been correctly unlocked, which will be resolved by adding a patch or calling on Pinnacle to supply new unlock keys (which they should do for free).

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