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Thread: Not nice of you.

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    Default Not nice of you.

    It is really not nice of the managers to delete my posts. I did nothing wrong. I an in the finishing stages of my new site. It has 8 Video tutorials, and a great layout, with very good grapichs.

    I'm not sure I will post the link here after the dishonerable way wthe managers treated me.

    I will post the link to the new site in my old site, and in my blog as well. its a shame you deleted my posts. all I wanted to do was help.

    I'm sure this post will not be here for long, so if you want to know what my site are check my profile. The managers will find some reason to delete this thread. Just like they did to my last one.

    I want to ask them niely to bring the thread back, and let the people be the judge.


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    Those meanies.

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    Your post is SPAM dressed up as a tutorial site. In the interests of keeping this board a valuable resource, the 'management' (as you put it) reserve the right to delete or otherwise alter any post.

    This is a moderated discussion board and there's no dishonour in applying common sense to the way we run the board.

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    Hey Mr. Marc.

    As you probably know better than any one, my post was read by almost over 300 people.

    people were interested in that post, and you (because you think my site is not good enough) have deleted my post.

    I gave a perfecally good explanation about my site and why its like that, and prosmised to give the link to my new site once I've finished. in the mean while I wanted people to have the ability to use my tutorials from my old site.

    It's really ashame you are not willing to bring back the post.

    and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so.


    My site- SPAM
    My Blog- SPAM
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    I explained why your links were removed. Your tutorial site consisted of one page. on that page were 3 adsense ad units, all of which are the largest possible, 2 google adsense search boxes, 1 adlink box and 3 adsense referal units. That's 9 ads in total.

    Please don't insult my intelligence any longer. I'm politely asking you to stop SPAMMING videoforums as you have done other sites.

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