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14 hours to Burn???
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Thread: 14 hours to Burn???

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    I'm trying to burn my first DVD. I'm now using Soncic DVD architect, as Pinnicle Studio 8 kept crashing everytime i trie to burn my DVD.

    I've got three different clips to go onto my DVD. One film is about an hour long and the others are arounf 2o mins. They give a total of 4.1gb.

    I've got it all set up nicely and I've ran the preview DVD and it all works just the way I hoped. When I go to "burn DVD" it says that it will take 14hours!!!! Is this normal?? All three clips are MPG2.

    Am I doing anything wrong. My P.C. has a 2.3gb processor.


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    Sounds to me like your app is transcoding the video. Are you sure it's DVD compliant MPEG? With that amount of data, it's also possible it's transcoding to reduce the video bitrate to ensure all your video fits on the DVD.

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