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    I need to get some video editing software but what shall I get?? It doesn't to do anything special. I am only making cat videos that will stream across the net.

    What it must do is (as normal on most software I suspect) Allow me to add titles/credits, allow me to add a soundtrack, allow me to splice clips together.

    Thanks, I am grateful for your recommendations.

    Oh... It's to run on a P4, 3ghz, 1gb RAM with Win XP

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    Any decent video editor (Ulead VideoStudio, Premiere Elements, Vegas MovieStudio, Pinnacle Studio etc.) will probably suit your basic needs. But have you tried Windows Movie Maker 2? It's already on your PC, it comes freeware with WinXP SP2... give it a go!

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    Once edited, how do you get it burned on to DVD though?

    I have bought Ulead, Pinnacle and tried window movie maker, but none are compaitable to burn to DVD with Nero start smart?
    nero looking for .ifo, .vob or .bup

    I have asked on DVD authoring forum, but MUXMAN never allowed my mpeg file to be loaded either?

    anyone here got fresh ideas please?

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    for simple editing u can use PV, but it is not professional studio, only 4 simle installation

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    Oh god, here we go again...

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