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Thread: My head hurts, please advise

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    Default My head hurts, please advise

    O.K. I'll try to make this brief, (but it won't be). For the past week I've been studying video editing software, reading forums, checking manufacture sites, checking reviews, etc. I'm putting a new system together primarily for video editing and some architectural rendering. Although I'm fairly new to digital video editing I am quite familiar with the process and some similar formatted programs, (Photoshop, acid, sound forge).
    I will probably not reach much farther than "upper level" home movies. But if I get a burst of enthusiasm for some serious creativity I would like to have the resources to pursue it. I've narrowed my search, a little, and would really appreciate some oppinions from someone who has had some experiance with these products. Basically I'm trying to compare apples to apples (not macs) and that seems to be much more difficult than it sounds.

    I'm pretty confident in my system choices: AMD3200 64, 2/WD1200 Sata/8mb HD's, 1 gig memory etc. However, when it comes to Capture and editing software I'm starting to blur. I will need anologe input and will be exporting mostly to dvd or vcd, occasionaly vcr. Here are my "narrowings down".

    Matrox rt.x10 suite with all the adobe products, Lets edit rt+, Avid express dv, and I'm not shutting out the option of some low end programs like powerdirect 3, magix movie edit pro, or even sony screen blast movie studio. If anyone is laughing at my last few choices please don't hesitate to let me know. Like I said, I want to be able to go the extra mile when I feel.
    Some Items that I know I would like are 5.1 surround, widescreen, and motion tracking. I'm just getting to the point where they are all blending together and I seem to be at a dead end. Oh yeah, I would like to stay under 7 maybee $800 (u.s). So anyway, that's my story. I'm open to any advice at this point. Thanks for reading this far.

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    I think your head will stay hurting for quite awhile. Why ? Because we all have a favorite, and therefore you're gonna get different answers
    Me, I tried some, and I like Screenblast Movie Studio 3 the best. Mostly because I prefer working with their timeline syste; instead of Storyboard like the others mostly do. Plus it has more then enough filter, FX, transitions, and so on, even filming on a blue blackground (or any color) and changing the background afterwards. I mean, for me, it does all I need it to do, and it's only the "little brother" of Vegas, the big package.

    On the other hand, if you ever need to upgrade, Vegas works with the same interface, so there's no new learning curve, and you only pay an upgrade price for Vegas also. So editing program wise, my 2 cents...

    But analog input ?? Just remember. garbage in = garbage out. I mean, you can't make analog look digital just because you edit it digitaly en export it digitaly (to DVD or VCD), the source you'll be working with is and stays analog, point to consider.

    If you have older footage and it happens to be in 8 or Hi8, consider buying for instance the Sony TRV460, it records digitally and can play your older analog tapes and export it digitally (works as an A/D converter for other formats too).

    Other people will give you other programs to consider, but for most of them, there are trial downloads, so I would suggest, download and try and see what you like best.
    For the Screenblast, the download is here : (also the manual in PDF)

    Good luck!
    Have a nice day

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    I'm not at all convinced you'll get that sort of spec PC for $800. The Matrox rt.x10 will cost close to that on it's own!!! It's about 500 (UKP) over here in the UK! Of course if you can find it then let us know. I might order one myself.

    If you're serious about it all then change your spec to the rt.x100 card and get Adobe After Effects as well.

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    Have to agree with Millsy on this one - making a $800 budget stretch that far will take some doing! If you factor in the rediculous $1 of goods = 1 of goods in the UK, you're looking at an 800 rig.

    Seeing as I was bored, I looked at the cost of building a system around an Athon 64 3200. Price (with on board sound and one DVD-RW, rest of spec as stated) was just over 700. Add on the video editing card and you're easily in the 1,000 bracket. And that's without the monitor!

    Granted, I did opt for the best components, but you might want to consider holding fire on the mid range editing card for a while. 500 is a lot of money if you're not going to use it that much.

    Put it this way, my editing rig ended up costing over 1800 including an 18" TFT (hey, I got a P4 3.06 over a year ago!). And do you know what, all I have is an onboard firewire card for editing! I figured I'd rather spend the money on other areas... and when I finally do get REALLY into the whole video editing THANG, I'll buy myself a card. But the more I think about the purchase, the less attractive the video editing card becomes!
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    For me, it;s the software that makes an upgrade to somethign like the rt.x10 a reasoanble proposition, if you need to upgrade s/w that is!

    The card with all the s/w comes in at about the prioce of Premiere alone so anyone looking to upgrade might want to consider the purchase.

    Buy Premiere and get the other s/w and real time editing for free.

    Most likely what I'll do when my old Athlon (bless it!) get renewed. Oh, and dual monitors too

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