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    Unhappy Sorry Newbie Totally Lost

    Basically two problems, an older friend has copied VHS videos to some type of MPEG format and has burnt then with CopytoDVD v3 but it leaves a message across the screen. So he asked me to help, we installed Nero6 and when we came to select the MPEG files to be burnt, it refused. I think it needs VOB files?

    I have just joined the forum and have been following links and reading various articles but I'm sorry I just get more confused. I own a DV camcorder and have transferred video using firewire to WMM in the past. Now I would like to convert these (or the original tapes) to DVD as i have a burner.....would Nero6 be able to do this?

    I also have access to other packages like CloneDVD2, Alcohol but not Adobe is this the best?


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    Yes nero does require you author .VOB files to be able to burn a DVD movie, there is also an DVDmpeg2 plugin so nero can do it for you, but from what I remember, it wasn't great, but this could have improved.

    Try TMPGenc it is easy to use and good quality

    also try

    they have a huge list of software in the tools listing and many tutorials on how to use it.

    Last of all windows movie maker is fine for basic editing, but you should always capture and export DV-AVI format and then convert that in to DVD MPEG2 to get the best results.
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