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    Default Sony or Canon

    Hello I have a sony dv camcorder and I am thinking about investing in an old Canon XM1/XM2 or a sony for around the same price
    Does anyone use the XM1 or XM2??


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    I sometime use the XM2 (actually its the same model but NTSC named the GL2). I've used all of Sony's prosumer cameras (VX2000's, PDX10's, 170's and now the HD Z1) but in my opinion the optics on the Canon prosumer range are far superior and i also prefer the Canons colours. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    I've used many cameras and adore my Canon XL1S (but then I've not had it that long).

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    Regurgitated from reviews I have read:

    Canon has a better lens, poorer electronics, better widescreen mode.

    This means the canon may give 'brighter' images but can suffer from dv artifacts (jaggies and fringes) more than the sony.

    The canon in widescreen mode does not loose so much resoloution as the sony.

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    ... On the other hand, Sony is believed to be the king of low-light performance.

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    Default I want to stay with Sony

    Thanks everyone so far I have made my mind up.
    I want to stay with Sony.
    I have around 1500 pounds its not nessesary to be a HD camera,but I want to buy new which sony do you advice me to buy??
    Anyone using Sony DCR-VX2100E and if so any good??

    Thanks again


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