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Thread: Emergency help! Exporting to DVD issue and I have a deadline

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    Default Emergency help! Exporting to DVD issue and I have a deadline

    I'm desperate for help. I have a movie to show for a whole school now on tuesday, and I have completed a movie in Adobe Premiere Pro. Now I'm trying to export it to a dvd but the process gets stuck! The "Transcoding" bar is 100% and the overall progress is a about 10%... and it just stucks there. The program hasn't crashed or anything.

    The strange part is that i've done this process many times during I still cutted this movie to watch it on a TV, and then it just worked fine. But now when I have a deadline, it of course has to be troubles.

    Please, if you have any idea of what could be causing this, I would really appreciate your help. Or else I will make hundreds of people dissapointed :(

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    Try exporting the finished video to DV and import it into a clean new project and try again from the new project.

    I know this doesn't actually fix anything but it should get the job done.
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    Thanks for the reply, miwhel!

    With 23 viewings I would have expected more than one reply though, but I guess there's no good solution to this problem. Anyway, funny enough it somehow worked. I first wanted to go with your suggestion, miwhel, and made a dv AVI file from the project, but I just wanted to try to make a dvd one last time and then it didn't get stuck in the process.

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