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    Default would this work well

    ok i think im ready to have a new system built i will be running vegas 6 on it these are the following specs i think ive decided on do i need to upgrade or downgade anything or have i forgotten anything i still will have a little money leftover so please let me know what you think

    3800 Dual Core AMD processor???

    Gigabyte Motherboard
    200gig Hard Drive SATA
    2 gig DDR Ram
    DL DVD Burner
    Video card
    Pinnacle video capture card
    4 bay Case Black
    450 watt Power Supply
    Windows XP Pro

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    can u be more specific - need models and manufacturers.

    gigabyte motherboard - what model?
    200gig Hard Drive SATA - What brand and models

    and so on!

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