Hi guys , I've been using Virtual Dub for years now and have never had any problems with it ..until now.
I just upgraded my wifes Pc from ME to Xp and ended up having to re-install a few programs ( Virtual Dub included )
I'm in Canada but am originally from the Uk so I still have my old pal hi-8 camcorder and used to be able to select the pal option in Virtual Dub by choosing "source" .
For some reason I dont see the option to even CHOOSE NTSC or Pal anymore ?
I've tried several versions of Virtual Dub and I cant firgure out where I'm going wrong..?
I select : Capture Video , then video/source but no longer have the option of choosing NTSC or Pal so I'm unable to view any footage on my Pc or capture it :-(
I might add that I had to re-install the drivers for my ATI TV Wonder Card too, and this seems to be causing lots of problems such as the TV not loading etc..
please help a very frustrated guy !