Hi. I've been editing with Video Studio versions and Media Pro also for many years, though I am not a continuous addict!

My computer... P4 3.4 Ghz, 512 Mhz RAM, 64 mb graphics (on board), 2x Maxtor SATA HD's, Win XP sp2, Direct x 9.0c.
This meets or exceeds Ulead requirements.

I've recently uninstalled Studio 5 and installed Studio 9. Studio 9 was new in a sealed box, the full version, ie not an upgrade.
The software loaded without problems, all functions work, but, randomly, for no obvious reason (not on any one particular action) the software disappears off the screen and I'm left with the XP screen. It's just as though I've closed the programme. Nothing ios lost, the programme boots up again no problem. It's the same in the Admin and other user accounts.
No other programmes do this, now or in the past. I have never ever experienced i before.

I've un-installed and re-installed, to no avail
I've defragged, no use.
I've checked for any virus, no problem.
I've made sure the antivirus/firewall are off, no use.
I've set virtual memory on both HD's to start 1024mb and Max 1024 mb, no use.
I've carefully checked the settings in Studio 9, both Preferences and Project, they're OK.
I've download the available patch from Ulead, even though it does not mention this particular problem. No good.

The software captured video no problems, and imports other useful "odds", such as stills, no problem.As said, it does everything except stay on the screen! I'm trying to do a project where the captured video, from a Sony D8 camcorder (avi) matches the project settings. As said, all is OK in that area.

I'm no computer expert (to say the lest) and this is sending me nuts.

Help, any help or suggestions momst welcome.