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    hi! i'm new to movie editing. i need help, if possible, on how to delete the narration in a movie. here's my story:

    i just got an english movie from my russian friend. however, the narration is all in russian. i can hear the english being spoken in the background, but i want to get rid of the russian. i've looked at some softwares for movie editing, but i'm not quite sure which one to choose. will someone please tell me how to remove the russian language from the movie, if it is possible, and what software i should use?

    Thank you very much,

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    no way, only possible way is to just remove the audio and replace it with whole new audio. but yea no way that i can imagine.
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    Default Thank you

    alright, man. thanx for your attention. u saved me a lot of searching and time... i'll just look for another version.


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    Is the movie on DVD. If so have you looked into changing the options.

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    Default is it DVD, u say?

    no, it's not. it's xvid. 701 MB... not even 1 GB. Audio Format is "MPEG Layer-3" is that's of any use.

    Thanks for the attempt though.

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