HI. Trying to burn a DVD using Studio 8. I captured video from my Canon camcorder, did some minor editing and added a few still pictures. I'm burning to DVD+R media (have a new Gateway computer with more than enough resources). Problem: The file renders and then "burns to disc". When I view it on my TV DVD player, the first "title slide" flies by in about 1/2 a second (it should take 6 seconds to scroll before going into the actual video) and then goes right into the video. I had a short background music audio clip attached to that title slide that should have faded out when the music for the actual video started. Because that first screen scrolls so fast - the rest of the video is completely out of sync. The audio does not match up with the video. It's about 3 seconds off. HOWEVER, when I play the file in Pinnacle Studio BEFORE I burn it - it works perfectly. SO - something is happening in the burning process, but I can't figure out what. I've tried burning it at 2x and 4x - neither work. I hate wasting DVD's!! I should note that I have successfully burned a DVD using Studio 8 in the past - just once. I'm doing nothing different - so I'm at a loss.
If anyone can shed ANY light on this I would be soooo grateful!!!!