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Thread: Last minute advice needed lads !

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    Smile Last minute advice needed lads !

    Hi guys

    Two last minute tips, please !

    1. What material would you use to manually white-balance your camcorder ? I've read somewhere that A4 paper is no good, as it's not 100% white.

    2. Tuning in a monitor that you're going to use to view your "live" recording. I've read that if you don't tune it in properly, what you see on the TV set is not what your camera is recording, which is obviously a waste of time as that's the whole point. My instruction book for the TV doesn't seem to cover this, nor does the instructions for the camcorder. Does anybody here have any practical experience ?

    Your advice will be greatly appreciated, I will remember you all in my Oscar speech

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    Just a quickie:

    1. Use 18% grey.
    2. Use a proper field monitor.

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    Hi there

    You say use 18% grey - what does that mean, exactly ?! To use A4 paper anyway ?

    The monitor - for what I'm doing this weekend, I cannot get a proper monitor, so I'm using a TV/video combo which I know works with the camcorder. I was just wondering if there were any general tips about configuring camera + TV ?

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    18% grey is a specially callibrated neutral grey card used to calibrate exposure, set up monitors and compare original lighting conditions with what's recorded on tape. It's not usually used for white balancing.

    Use white A4 photocopy paper to white balance. If it's good enough for 99% of the news teams, It'll do what you want.

    As for the TV, use it to set up your compositions, don't use it to assess exposure or white balance, it ain't accurate enough. You're better off relying on auto-white balance and auto-exposure than an unreliable telly.

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    Am I bad? I never manual white balance, I just use the presets.

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    I always white balance (because my camcorder's AWB simply sucks) but I always seem to forget to bring a little piece of paper with me... thank God for the white walls.

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