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    Smile Suitable software

    Hello One and All

    I am new to this site and new to cancorders. My man and I brought a Samsung 353 camcorder last week and disappointingly the software that came with it is 5 years out of date and is the Ulead VideoStudio version 5, and no way can I find the registration code to register it and maybe get an update. I am not happy with Ulead, as I purchased the PictureShow Deluxe 3, last year and it is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I manged to turn some photos into a slideshow with music etc and it was brill, but that was all it would let me do. I spent hours trying to 'do' other projects only to find that at the very last moment of burning it to a cd or dvd, it sent out an error message that created a X on every picture in the file, and screwed it all up. I tried to get tech support from Ulead to no avail, So, here I am back where I started, with useless Ulead software. I am looking for software that will create a DVD from the camera, (which is connected to PC via USB not Firewire) that is reasonably priced, user friendly, as I don't have a lot of time available for complicated stuff, will allow me to add music to the video. Can anyone piont me in the right direction from their experiences. Many thanks.

    Janet B

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    You can try Pinnacle Studio.. that will keep you busy for a while...

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    The first thing you need to do is stop using the USB port and only use Firewire. Everyone else keeps saying they can transfer video from their USB port to their computer and the only thing I can transfer is still images off the little memory card. The camera also goes into Webcam mode or is this just Panasonic camcorders? Anyway, stop using USB and download some trial software for thirty days and see which product you like the best. There is no perfect piece of software, they're more like 80 to 90% perfect and the rest you just have to put up with. Adobe Premiere Elements will do everything you are looking for, from capturing (mind you it is only from DV), to editing, effects, music, chopping and changing scenes etc right through to making a final DVD.

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    Nikosony is right for the small cost of a firewire PCI card firewire is definitely the way to go, and then you can use the free Windows movie maker which comes with Windows ME and XP. WinMM will do all the things you require and more.


    look through your cam playback menu there should be a setting for the USB function (Webcam or Motion DV)
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